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After World War 2 Hermann Goering was found guilty at Nuremberg in war crimes and crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging.

On 15 October 1946, two hours before his execution was due to take place, he committed suicide in his Nuremberg cell.

Shortly before he had his brother Albert promise that he would take care of his wife Emmy and his little daughter Edda.

Albert Goering - savior of victims of the tyranny his brother helped create - was imprisoned for several years after the war for his name alone.

During the post-war-years he had many difficulties, the name Goering had become an almost impossible handicap. Grateful survivors, rescued by Albert Goering, helped him survive bitter years of joblessness.

He married several times and died in 1966, after working as a designer in a construction firm in Munich.

Albert Goering proved that humanism knows no borders, no race, no family ties ...



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