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Rudolf Hoess was history's greatest mass murderer, Nazi Commandant of the death camp Auschwitz, the largest killing center ever created. Some estimates running as high as 2,5 million persons eventually killed through gassing, starvation, disease, shooting, and burning ...

During the War Crimes Trials after WW2 Rudolf Hoess was sentenced to death by hanging on April 11, 1947 - on the eve of his execution the Auschwitz Commandant wrote his final letter to his own children.

Rudolf Hoess

Among his victims were the children of a French orphanage known as La Maison d'Izieu: In 1944 forty-two children, aged between four and seventeen, and five supervisors were gassed in Auschwitz.

While in Izieu some of the children wrote letters to their parents and eleven-year-old Liliane Gerenstein wrote a letter to God.



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