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The Rescue

The Schindlers had made a warm corner of the workshop floor ready for the Golleschau Jews and the survivors were wrapped in blankets.

Throughout that night and for many nights following, Emilie worked without halt on the frozen and starved skeletons. Three more men died, but with the care, the warmth, the milk and the medicine, the others gradually rallied.

Emilie Schindler

After the war survivors told about Emilie's unforgettable heroism in nursing the frozen and starved prisoners back to life. They recalled how she worked indefatigably to secure food and somehow managed to provide the sick with extra nourishment and apples.

One of the Schindler Jews, Feiwel (today Franciso) Wichter, was No. 371 on Schindler's List, the only one of the Schindler Jews living in Argentina: 

As long as I live, I will always have a sincere and eternal gratitude for dear Emilie. I think she triumphed over danger because of her courage, intelligence and determination to do the right and humane thing. She had immense energy and she was like a mother.

Oscar Schindler himself often recognized his wife's extraordinary efforts to nurse the Golleschau Jews back to life. In his report to Yad Vashem on activities for the rescue of Jews during the years 1939 to 1945 he wrote: "My wife Emilie in spite of the cold went to Mährisch-Ostrau (300 km) to barter vodka against ointments, medicine and vitamins."

The survivors were fed hot farina: "Apparently the Schindlers knew that if we ate regular food we would die from diarrhea, because we had not eaten in eight days," Klein said. And added: "Schindler's was the heaven of all camps ..."

Another Schindler Jew, Moshe Beijski, who later became a high court judge in Israel, told Steven Spielberg in 1994, that the Golleschau incident "represents Schindler's greatest rescue and humanitarian deed, as well as of Mrs. Schindler."





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